Whoa, time flies so fast. The "ber month is starting and Christmas is just a few months away. While Im writhing this, my officemate next to me is playing a chipmunks Christmas carol in his PC. This guy must be that excited for Christmas which remind me to start my early Christmas shopping for my dozen and a half inaanak. Anyways its too early yet, Im planning to do it by the end of the month to avoid rush and ofcourse due to financial constrain I better do my shopping every payday .

Speaking of September, The Gateway mall at Araneta will open this month. Cant wait to visit that mall. The five level Shopping Center will run from the LRT 2 Araneta Center Station at Aurora Boulevard and connect to the northern gate of Araneta Coliseum. The Mall is also link to the MRT-3 station at EDSA, so shoppers will have an easy access to it. My shapaholic trait is reserved for the opening of that mall, I really cant wait.

Hmmm...What else, this month my mom will celebrate her 59th birthday. Mom's age is getting older but her looks nah, she looks younger, I've asked her secret yesterday. She joke, "it's in the blood." No wonder I look a bit younger than my age (yabang ko noh!!!).

Ah I almost forget, this month too, I and Dj will be celebrating our 2nd year of being together as couple. It was September the 22nd when I accepted him as my bf and after 8 months we got married. Too fast isn't it, Cupid really hit us, so why the wait. After all, we been friends since 1997 and just found out that were in love with each other after 5 years. That's what i called in HIS perfect time. :D

Hmmm...time really flies so fast, today Im writhing about September events, in a couple of days, It's October that Im thinking of.

Have a happy month of September everyone!!!