Dj's funny ways...

Since I did the cleaning last Thursday, I and Dj just have a very relaxing week. With no household chores to do so we watched some DVD's, while eating popcorn. When we got tired of watching, he turned on the vcd player and listen to his mp3 collections. Then suddenly, Dj started dancing. He was so funny. He's like a strip tease dancer. Oh men, then I told him, take it off, take it off. He took his shirt off and continued dancing with his cute belly, I find him sexy. When he was about to take his pants off, he said in a minimal voice "Labs, Im hungry". Ha ha ha. He went hungry with his dancing. Enough of his strip tease gig. So I prepared an upside down cake for him.

While baking, I decide to check on my emails and I found out that our PC have some problem, so Dj reformatted our PC. I think we have to buy a new video card and sound card for our PC for its not that efficient anymore.

Well, after reformatting the PC, Dj asked if I wanted to go somewhere else. I told him "nah, I enjoy just being here and there's no place like home"

He then again played his mp3 and start dancing again. This time the music was a love song, he then took my and hands and we dance as if we were in a ball. Ha ha ha. I find it corny but its sweet. :D