A Cat and An Ogre on a Holiday

It's Quezon City day, as expected it's a special non working holiday and since Dj works at Cavite, it's only me here at home.

I had a chance to do some cleaning here. Did some sweeping and some dusting, wash the dishes, and laundry some clothes. It's a bit tiring but I enjoy every single moment of it. Anyway, after cleaning the house, I asked my niece to accompany me here to watch two DVD's

Garfield the Movie

It's a funny movie. Garfield(voice of Bill Murray), everyone's favorite feline. A self confessed lasagna lover, who parked hiself on his favorite comforter in front of the television. When Jon(Breckin Meyer), takes Garfield to visit veterinarian Liz Wilson(Jennifer Love Hewitt), she gaved Jon a tag-wagging, panting creatures named Odie, A lovable, witty dog that Garfield become jealous of.

This movie really is cute. It makes me laugh when Garfield does his funny dancing with Odie and when Garfield was ask by Jon to eat the mouse but he refuse to. Can you imagine, a cat who hates eating mouse and even hates cat food. Oh well, since Garfield is my favorite since high school, this movie is a must see for me.

Shrek 2

If Part 1 of the movie was about dragons and fighting the evil lord Farquaad , This time, Shrek faces his greatest challenge, the in-laws.

Shrek and Princess Fiona return from their honeymoon to an invitation to visit the princess' parents. So the newly weds set off to Far Far Away Kingdom.

All the villagers of the Kingdom greet their returning Princess, and her parents joyfully anticipate the homecoming of their daughter and her new prince but no one could have prepared them for the sight of their new son-in-law, not to mention how much their little girl had well changed.

This movie is a heart warming love story. I love it when, Shrek become a good looking guy when he drank the potion, the potion also changes Princess Fiona into her real self. The potion's effect will only remain forever if Shrek will kiss his true love. At the end of the story, the princess chose the Ogre, the old Shrek he loves and not the good looking Shrek. Hmmm.. the last part of the movie made me cry. Promise, it really made me cry.

And so, I and my niece enjoy watching the two movies. I think, I'll watch it again on Saturday with Dj. I know Dj will also enjoy the movie since he has a kid like attitude like me :D