No work at work (does it make sense)

I've been working here at the office for almost 4 years now. For 4 years, I've experienced going home late, pressured deadlines, doing two project at a time and worse, same date datelines. Looking back at all those, It makes me really proud of surviving those times.
Right now, we don't have any new projects to work on. We have existing projects but only a few and soon completion of those project will come. IM afraid that, if our marketing manager cant find any new project for the company, we might lose our jobs. For me its okay, I can easily find another job but for those who didn't finish any 4 year course in college like the janitor or the messenger, finding is not that easy. Mr.N, one of the company driver mentioned that if after 3 months and still were like this, retrenchment might follow. We've been like this for a couple of months already. That's why, I have ample time to do blogging here at work. Sometimes, I find it boring doing nothing at all.
I do make use of my VL now. Before when deadlines seems to overcome our working hours, we can't use of our VLs. Seems like its forbidden here. But now, I've used my 7th VL just last week, consumed all my SLs and I can go home early now. Oh well, that's life. Sometimes your on top sometimes your not. Funny just this morning, I noticed a print out in our printer. I don't know who printed it but it says "Love your work but not your company, because you'll never know when the company stop loving you". Is it a sign, a sign that my boss will terminate me...ha ha ha, hope its not.

On the Lighter side
I found this article,I wanna share with you guys. It discuss ways on how to fall in love with our job all over again. Know the secrets in bringing back the spark. :)