Looking back, 13 years behind

Its been a long time since I visited my friendster account, So I did check it, one by one I look at each friend that I have in my list. Most of my college barkada are there. Looking at them, brings back the time when I was in college. It was June of 1991 when I first entered the university ground. My first subject was on the 7th floor of the Technology Building. Yaiks, the elevator was broke. So i got to hit the stairs. Upon reaching the 7th floor, I was tired and sweating. Good thing I brought a handy towelette. Hmmm...People here are very odd. Some are wearing rugged jeans with painted designs, others are wearing those funny looking shade. Its their fashion statement. Its kinda odd but I find it cool. I was wearing a plain shirt, denim pants and a slip on. I look like a freshman alright.

Anyway, on my first subject, my professor was kinda rude in his wordings. He uses words like ass____, f__ck and words like that. I was shock at his wording but after a while I got used to it na. Months have passed and I gained friends. I have 9 barkadas. Three of them are Chinese Filipino, another one from Bataan who much prepare to be a priest that to finish his architectural course, one from Laguna who loves to paint, another one from q.c who likes photography. This guy really is good at it. And four (including me), boyish girls. We have different likes and hobbies but we get along together perfectly.

Studying in a university seated at university belt is kinda hard. With all those malls, cinemas and hangouts near the school, its tempting but Im lucky of having such responsible friends. So its was, year 1994 when Jerome, the oldest in our group decided to run for student council president. He won the election. So then on, the SC room become our hangout. Its the place were we do our assignments, were we eat our snacks and have some chats. In 1995, I joined the theater club. I auditioned and luckily bang the lead role. We did the play at our school auditorium. The rest of my friend were happy for me. In 1995 TO 1996, it was our last year in the university. We have 2 thesis. For the first semester, it was a feasibility study. Its an individual thesis but we create a study group compose of us ten ofcourse. We passed Thesis 1. Then on the second semester, thesis 2 was a bit harder. After those feasibility study on Thesis 1, The second thesis is all about making those study into drawings, do a building model, do plans and some schematic drawings, do presentations. Man, I really lose weight that time. After, 4 months, we took the deliberations individually. Its was frightening for a college student but everyone has to undergo it to pass the whole course. We passed the delibs and finally, it was march 23 1996 when we wore those black gown, We graduated college atlast after 5 long years.

My college days was fun and heartbreaking. Its were I had a failing grade in one of those math subject in 4th year. Its were I first had my first heartbreak. I cried during those days but now looking back, I just laugh at it. I'm just a girl that time. Now, Im a woman (but still boyish).

Well, if you'll wondering what happen to the rest of the barkada, five of them are working abroad (4 guys and 1 girl) and still single. My two girl pals are here in the country working in an construction firm and both have boyfriends and as I've heard, both couples are planning for marriage. The other guy from Bataan has a family now, he decided to finish architecture rather than becoming a priest. The other guy who love photography still do his photography stint and has a wife and a kid. Me, Im happily married and enjoying my life as a wife.

Looking back really is fun. Remembering those days in college really makes me smile. Its been 13 years since I first took the elevator of Tech building, 8 years since I wore the black gown for graduation and 2 hours ago since I send email to my friends through friendster. Technology rocks woohaaa! :D