He rules this Sunday...

He rules this Sunday....He got to chose the dvd that we'll watched for the day. He pick 3 movies which are more of a brutal movie to me.

Death in A French Garden. Its 1985 murder, sex and intriguing movie. I loved the movie. The only thing is, it's in French. Good thing it has English caption. For a while I find it hard to watch the movie while reading the English caption, it's like Im reading a book but at the mid part of the movie, I end up liking it. After all the movie has a good story

Payback, A 1999 movie. A bit bloody. Dj finds the movie good, I find it very brutal. The hammering of Porter's foot is very painful to me. Though it wasnt directly shown in the movie, I can imagine it and can feel the pain too.

Another movie that we watched was a 1995 film Desperado, another bloody and a revengefull film. Though I wan't able to put my complete focus on this movie because I was making spag and Toni's Chessy Galric bread, I much like this movie than Payback. Salma Hayek really is a stunner.

My eyes went irritated in watching those 3 movies in a row but its okay, next week it's my turn. Nah we wont watch another dvd movies at home, I'll ask him to bring me somewhere for lunch or dinner perhaps. I'm kinda missing Superbowl of China . I loved their yummy hakao and their vegetarian spring roll. Oh cant wait for saturday. Oh by the way, The cheesy garlic bread of Toni's was vey yummy, we had it for dinner last night with the spaghetti ofcourse.

Its a Monday and lets start the day right. Have a wonderful week to all.