My cooking experiment

Oh I miss blogging, I was busy this past days, finally, got time to blog a little.

Since I submitted my preliminary works to our client yesterday, I was able to come home early. I said to myself, I'll cook something for Dj since the past 2 days, we had corned beef and fried bangus for dinner (Monday & Tuesday). Though I'm a bit tired, I manage to visit and do some buying at Shopwise Cubao. I was thinking of cooking stir fry vegetable in oyster sauce and Ma Po Tofu (good thing there's a Lee Kum Kee mix for this recipe) but I decided to cook something that I really work hard for, cook something without the help of mixes. So I get a grocery basket off to the meat area I go, I bought A kilo of Beef, some celery, half a kilo of ground pork (for the carbonara I'll cook on Saturday), french bread, mc cormick thyme leaves and oregano(for Toni's recipe). I get to see my favorite purple yam hopia, but I decided not to buy because I still have mongo hopia in out fridge which I bought at SM Manila last Saturday (Im crazy about hopia). Oh anyway, at 7:30pm, I was then finish with buying so I hailed an fx and went home. Luckily there's no traffic. I was home at 8:15pm. I then borrowed mom's pressure cooker so I can make the beef tender in a few minutes time. I really don't know what to cook. I just trust my sense of taste. So when the meat was tender, I saute the garlic, onions, celery then I add the beef (which I cut in strips). After a while, I add some oyster sauce. At first, a find the taste good but Im not yet satisfied so a put a dash of oregano and some chili powder....The verdict, it was yummy. I let it simmer for a minute and wooohooo, I cook a tasty dish .

Dj arrived home just in time for dinner. When he tasted the beef dish, he said that it taste good and ask what's the name of the dish, I just smiled and told him na its my labor of love dish. He was a little bit confused with my answer but he didn't mind, he was busy eating :D