Sound the Alarm...

5:50am....what!!!! OMG its 5:50am! DJ is late for his shuttle service for work. He is very late. To those who didn't know, Dj is working at Cavite while we stayed in our little home at Q.C. He manage to go to his work through a shuttle service (a bus) from his office.

Our usual routine during workdays, is to wake up early, I wake up at around 3:45am to prepare Dj's very early breakfast , He wake up at 4:00am to get his self ready. He then leave the house at around 4:30am to meet the service at the pick up area somewhere at Cubao by 4:50am.

So for today,we didn't heard the two alarms that we set. Yup we set two alarms from two cellphones just incase we don't hear the first one.

Dj: Labs, its 5:50am.(with a shocking voice)
Jen:, your late na! Will you still go to work.
Dj: Dunno. Matraffic. But I have to. Too many work less time
Jen: Bring the car with you.
Dj: I'll see. Mag shower muna ko.
Jen: K.
(Then I prepare a tuna sandwich for him)

So that was it, after making ourselves ready, we hit the traffic road of Q.C. It was 6:45 in the morning and I'm too early. I usually go to work at 7:15am.

(It was the first time after 9 months that the he drove me to work. I kinda miss it.)

I was at work at 7:20am , I was the first one to be here. Then one of my officemate came and he said "your too early ah." One by one my officemates arrived, and all of them were a bit astonish to see me this early.The usual time I get here is 8:30-8:45am (he he he).

Anyway, at 10:25am Dj texted me to inform me that he is at work already. Cheez, he was driving for almost 3 an a half hours. Wawa naman beybi ko. I'll give him a massage tonight.

Oh by the way, I found out from my mom that it rain this early morning, maybe that's the reason why we didn't heard the alarm or maybe its the rain that makes us sleep soundly. Oh well, the reason behind it is a secret that only time knows.

By the way, It's boss E's birthday. We had a yummy lunch courtesy of him. Thanks for the lunch boss and Happy birthday.