A wedding and a reunion

Yesterday we (my mom, my father, auntie M, auntie O, Uncle L, grandma,2 cousins and my favorite nice Katkat) went to a wedding, the wedding of Jerame & Joy, Joy is my 2nd cousin whom I met for the first time just yesterday. I'm not really close to her. Its my parents and her parents who are close and were childhood playmates during their younger years. Actually, its more of a family reunion to me. I meet cousins and aunties and tito's whom I've never seen in my entire life.

The wedding mass was held at Immaculate Concepcion Parish at Pasig City. When the mass was over, they started to chat and mingle with one another. My uncle L keep on introducing me and my cousins to our other relatives. There was a scene that my father (Lets call him Daddy J), and one of his cousin whom last seen each other during gradeschool days pa, meet at that occasion after 5 decades. His cousin, start shedding tears, those were tears of joy as she explained.

There's also this incident that my Uncle L was talking to one cousin . . , so she asked where his wife(Aunt M) was, This cousin don't actually know who Aunt M is. So Uncle L, pointed to the lady (Aunt M) with a minty green blouse who is behind me. So his cousin approached me and asked in a confused voice:
C: ikaw ba asawa ni Leo?
(are you Leo's wife).
Jen: Ah nde po...mashado ko bata sa kanya. Uncle ko po sya.
(Ah no Im not, Im too young for him, he's my uncle)
Im his daughter (pointing to my father)
C ah ganun ba.(Oh I see)
Then I smiled and hold her right hand and make mano to her.

At the reception, the chatting and mingling didn't stop. Everyone was so happy and glad to see us. Then one aunt commented that I look like Aiko Melendez (mataba kc ako eh, he he he). Then one aunt keep on hugging and kissing me, then one uncle asked for my cell no. I was like star.

In all the wedding celebration I attended, this wedding is what I call intimate. All close family, relatives and some friends are invited. I really had a great time. I didn't regret in skipping my work yesterday. I had a chance to meet my other families. Gee Daddy J's clan is so big huh.

Oh by the way, I also enjoyed the food. It what terrific.

Have a nice weekend to all!