My new health routine

It was only yesterday that I got a chance to go at the supermarket and bought little something for the weekend. Actually, Dj and I are scheduled to go at the grocery tomorrow but I was a bit tempted to went last night after work because I wanted to buy some romaine lettuce. Im into a low carb diet, so keep on eating lots of fresh veggies, fruits, fish, meat and lots and lots of water. I haven't eaten rice for five days since I started dieting. It's a bit hard but by thinking that I must lose weight and the health benifits that it will give me, keep me going on. So as a result I've lose 6 pounds already, isn't that something. I intended to do this diet until i achieve my ideal weight based on my BMI. I'm a bit overweight and being overweight is not healthy. Also my Ob advice me to lose weight, it will help me regulate my monthly period and eventually help me concieve.

This dieting seems to be very exciting for me. I really don't like raw veggies like lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber to name some but now, I like them a lot. So goodbye to pasta (my favorite), pizza, hamburgers, rice and those carbo foods for a while. But I'll be eating them again in moderation once I achieved my ideal weight and I do promise that once I achieved it, I'll take foods in moderation to avoid gaining too much weight. I'll keep you updated regarding this dieting that I'm doing. So this is all for now.

Let's stay healthy and happy weekend to all.