Let's go at the grocery...

When I was still single my favorite things to shop was purely clothes, shoes, make up, perfumes and my cosmopolitan magazine. Now that I’m married for a year and a couple of months, my priority changed a bit in buying. I still buy those things (except for cosmopolitan magazine, Im a good housekeeping reader already) but ofcourse, im a more of a wise shopper than the spend all girl. Since Im the wife, I do handle all the budgeting and spending. My budget are divided in paying the electric bill, water bill, phone bill, cellphone bill, credit cards, groceries and other minor things. Before when we were newly married, I got problems in budgeting our earnings, which end up in having no money at all before the next pay day come (gastadora talaga ko). Hubby then taught me on how to budget our money. He is the thrifty kind of person and I’m not. He taught me to have a couple of envelopes where I will write the the bills that I have to pay. So during payday, I put money in the envelopes, let say 700 pesos for the elctric bill, so on the next payday, I should complete our monthly payment for the electric bill. I do the same on the other monthly bills that I have to pay. It’s very effective for me.

As a wise shopper, I do make it a point that I find a supermarket where the groceries are at a competitive price and has clean environment. I shop twice a month for meat, vegetables, dry goods, bread and juices. I've done shopping at some major supermarket here at Q.C. and among the supermarkets I’ve been, it's Shopwise Cubao which I loved and enjoy. Why do I enjoy shopping at Shopwise? Purely because, it has a big and clean selling area. They also have an ample aisle space and not to mention, the very clean and fresh smelling meat/fish section that they have. The parking is a no problem to shopper too. Aside from having a covered secure parking slots, shopper can also enjoy a free parking for a minimun purchase of 300 pesos. It also have a long shopping hours from 10 am to 11pm not like other shops that only stay up till 9pm or 10 pm.

Oh hubby bought this Kyowa Steam grill, its like a george foreman grill but a much cheaper. I don’t know if kyowa brands are okay buy I find the the stem grill efficient. It cooks our porkchops very tasty and it has a flavor reservoir which collect all the fat and grease from the grilled food. The collected oil can be used as a dip if added with some herbs and seasoning (which I don’t intend to do ha). Since hubby loves grilled foods, he can now enjoy, this dishes which are fat free and not to mention the non smoke cooking.