Loving and living

A rainy Monday, what a great way to start the week. I can smell the fresh sweet fragrance of the rain. It reminds me of the times that my two siblings and I were kids. We enjoyed it when it rains. We love making paper boats and let if sail the rainfalls that overflow the streets or we enjoyed playing on the streets while the rain touches the ground. I also remember that mom prepare champorado or arroz caldo for our merienda. I can still remember when, mom used to read storybook for us when we can’t play outside during heavy rains or if mom can’t read us books, my siblings and I used to play pretending. I pretend that Im a doctor, or a model or a Hollywood celebrity or an Architect. It was fun pretending. I could be the president of the country if I want too or a famous scientist if my playful mind does so. Oh gee, I really miss those days. Those days that we were still kids and got nothing to do but to study and play.

Now that I had been one of those pretending jobs that I do when I was a kid, I suddenly realize that life being a grown-up is not that easy. It’s not like a paper boat that flows smoothly on rainfalls. Or it’s not like the kids that play carefree when it rains. Being a grown up has to face many responsibilities and struggle in life. I sometimes stumble, I sometimes fall, but because there are people who love me, it just makes me strong.

I know, life just like the rain has its end, so let’s all make life worth living and worth loving.

Have a blessed week everyone.