A New life and A farewell...

My close friend, LP just called me a while ago. She's inviting me at her wedding this coming 22nd of the month. I was surprised, really I am. Know why, because she was once married (at the age of 20) twelve years ago. But she and her former husband separated after a couple of months of being married. She told me that everything is okay and things are settled between her and her ex. I may not know anything about the legal proceeding on this matter but I know her decision on getting married isn't right. But again, I don't want to interfere, it's her life, Im just here to give her a sisterly advice, if she's happy with her new found love I'm happy for her too.

Aside from the wedding event, another news shocked me, her younger sister, AP died of brain cancer last Aug. 26. What... Questions starts to tickle my mind. Why didn't LP told me when her sister died ,it's been months, AP was a close friend also. LP said that AP's death was unexpected that they didn't had the time to tell it to close friends. Only relatives was informed. I was sad because I wasn't able to say my last goodbye. I again asked her if it's the right time to get married, her family is in grief. It was her sister's request for them to get married before the year-ends. So that answers my questions.

Anyway, when I heard the news about AP's death, I was shocked. I thought that the chemo went out okay. I thought that she was a cancer survivor. But I was wrong, the chemo didn't helped her. Right now, tears are falling from my eyes. I know I cannot be with AP again and share some secrets about wifehood or just chat and enjoy laughing but my heart is happy for her because all her suffering from pain is over. To you AP wherever you are right now, I will always remember you as a sexy good friend and I will always cherish our joyful moments together.