Too Early or Not...

Isn't it so exciting, that Christmas in now approaching. I can hear Christmas carols playing at the malls and some radio stations. The malls now are fully decorated with colorful Christmas lights. I can feel it now. I'm feeling it now.

After reading Toni's blog last Friday about Christmas cards, I got excited and wanted to do my Christmas shopping. I made a list and decides what gift will I buy for my relatives and friends.

I just started last Saturday, Since I and Dj were at the mall, I decided to look for things that are in my list. I found a neat and pretty acid free photo album for my sister. She loves going to different places here in the country and loves taking pictures as souvenir. So the photo album will surely make her eyes dazzle. I also bought my Christmas gift for hubby, a digital camera. He was eyeing on this camera, so I bought it a told him that it's my Christmas gift for him. I know it's kinda early giving it to him but I cant help it. He's like a kid and so persistent in asking me to buy the digicam. I know he can buy that camera but he wanted me to buy it for him (naglalambing ata). Also, I ordered some neat kikay stuff for my friends. Prices are very affordable and the packages are very cute. Just incase you run out of gift ideas,maybe you want to try this idea.

My lists aren't complete yet, there are plenty more people to buy for gifts but atleast, I started it and hoping that each person that will be recieving my gift will feel that they are important to me.

How about you have you started your Christmas shopping,remember, it's not the cost that counts it the though of remembering the person that matters!