Im back...

Finally, I finished tons of work here at the office. Guess I'm back,sort of.

After finishing those deadlines, I haven't feeling myself lately. Maybe because Im still tired from those demanding deadlines that I have. There are times that I almost do nothing here at work and there are times that workload seems to overflow. Yeah it's hard but I love my job. I find fulfillment and joy. I feel that Im important. The joy of being a woman....For me, its finding contentment, finding a place where I can show my craft and artistry.

Looking back, my parents came from a poor family. They were both from the province and decided to try their luck here at Manila. My father tried his best to send us three siblings to school. As a kid, I've seen my parents endeavor just to give us good education. So in return, I tried my very best to study hard. So when I graduated college, my parents where very proud of me. I can see their smile and their hearts are jumping for joy. Parents are really wise ei. It's true that they only want the best for us.

So now, the things that I've learn from school and the perseverance that my parent taught me is what Im practicing here at work. The knowledge and virtue that I've known from them (school & my parents) makes me a better person.


After office we'll have a bowling tournament. The tournament started last Friday. The last game was victorious for us. Our team won two games in a row which made us top in the team standing. I got an 80-120 score for the first and second game. Hopefully, we will win the next game tonight. I'll keep my fingers cross.

That's it for now and Happy weekend to all!!!