Samu't Sari

Last Saturday I attended the N@W Christmas party. I've been in this egroup for almost 2 years and it's my first time to attend the Naw Christmas Party. It was really a different experience. It was fun. I met the real people behind the names that I seen in each post that I read in our egroup. I never expected that I’d enjoy such party. There were parlor games for that kids, nanny and of course for the members. Dj came along with me so we join the parlor games as a couple. We didn’t win any game that we participated but we had yummy brownies from Alex Franco as a consolation prize. Aside from the games, I enjoy the exchange gift part. I received an acid free photo album from Leira (a nawie) and I love it very much, timely for my scrapbooking. The party ended at around 2:00pm


Last Monday, was Dj's Christmas party at Star City. Each employee was given 2 free ride-all-you can tickets. So, I skipped work (bad me, he he he) to join him. I've been there twice but not with husby so this time, I much enjoyed it, It was fun. I felt that I was a kid again enjoying the bump car ride, the balloon wheel (ferris wheel) and the breath taking zykloon loop (roller coaster). What an experience! I also did loved the tiange. With my 500 pesos, I had quality toys for my inaanak. I even bought a jelly made Nemo which lights up when pressed by hand. I put it in inside our car and oh the pillow soccer ball was kinda cute for only 90 pesos. I even had the dancing softdrink bottle for 100 pesos. It was definetely a fun filled experience with hubby.


Fernando Poe Jr. passed away yesterday. It was a sad news that affect the whole nation. I am not pro FPJ during the election but I admire the guy in his movies which really made him famous. Where ever he is right now may you rest in peace "the king"