Food Trip Tayo...

You know what I'm thinking right now...

Oh actually Im thinking and craving for donuts. I really wanted the clock to hit five o'clock so I can lead my steps at Araneta Center. There's a new branch of Go Nuts Donuts at Cubao.wooohooo. Meaning I can enjoy my favorite donuts in no time at all.
I'll buy 2 boxes, one box for us and the other one for my mom. I want to share the satisfaction this donut gives me.


Anyway, the other night, hubby texted me. He said that he will be home by 11pm and misses my stir-fry cabbage and tofu. Hmmm... I think he wants to tell indirectly that I should prepare that veggie for dinner. So as a very submissive wife that I am (nah, I'm sometimes bad) I dropped by at Robinson, to buy the ingredients needed for it. I really don't store veggies in our fridge because sometimes, I haven't got time to cook veggies and most of the time the veggies rotten in our fridge. What I do, I only buy them if I do plan to cook it within the day or the next day. Since he wanted it,I'll prepare it then. After having a quick trip at the grocery,I went home and prepared it.

Let me share you, this stir-fry veggie that hubby really loves.

All you need are...
Chopped Cabbage
Slightly fried tofu cut into cubes
1 tbsp. ginger
Crushed garlic
dissolved cornstarch in 1/4 cup water
3-4 tbsp. oyster sauce (depending on you taste)

So what I did, I just sauté the ginger till the smell of it comes out. Add the garlic. Then add the chopped cabbage. After a minute add the tofu then mix. Pour in the oyster sauce let it simmer then add the dissolved cornstarch, wait for another minute then serve hot. This is yummy.


Do enjoy your weekend!