Hubby, Me and 2004

I know this post is a bit late. Actually this should be my first post for the year 2005 but my thoughts are still scattered. Now that I've gain everything, here are some of the things that I'm very thankful for having last 2004.


1. I got a new project to work on during this month. Got lots of overtime and at the end, I was really paid well that time.
2. It was our first celebration for hubby's birthday as hubby and wifey. I gave him a laptop backpack.
3. We bought our brand New Fridge
4. 62nd Bday of my father


1. Valentines Day, we had dinner in a resto. I was expecting chocolates or roses, but he didn't gave me any. I was a little sad that time.
2. My birthday falls on this month. Our first to celebrate it as a wed couple. Do you know what he gave me that time, a tv rack and a dresser. Shesh...I wasn't expecting his gift. I though he'll give me a bunch of roses, or ferrero chocolates or a funky shirt maybe. I was a little upset about my huge gifts but hubby said, the roses and chocolates will not vanish, I'll give you those during the least expected times.


1. My favorite niece celebrated her 7th birthday. My sister and I gave her a little party celebration.


1. A very hot summer. Our office had it's 3 days two nights outing at Batangas. The resort that we stayed was the place where the fantaserye marina was having their weekly shoots.


1. Election.
2. We bought our aircon.
3. Had our car repainted. Our car kasi is kinda old na. 10 years na ata 'to
4. It was our anniversary. He did his promise, he gave me a bunch of roses when I didn't expect it:D


1. Startin' A New Life was born
2. Gain lots of friends from blogging


1. I once felt that I want too resigned and find a new job. But of course it was just because of boredom here at work for we don't have any new projects to do.

1. Still bored with work. I just surf, surf, surf or blog, blog, blog...


1. bday of my mom
2. Finally, my boss gave me a new project to work on. So as expected, I was again busy with my computer, not with surfing or blogging but with drawing this time.


1. Bday of my only sister
2. I started to shop for my Christmas gift list


1. Still doing my Christmas gift shopping
2. I bough A Kodak Camera as a pre Christmas Gift for him


1. At the first week of this month, I started to wrap our gifts.
2. I then start to plan for our noche buena and as well as our medya noche.
3. Hubby bought a SE k500i as a pre Christmas Gift for me.
4. It was the first time I attended and EB (naw Chrsitmas Party).
5. My first time to make lasagna and it was yummy according to my MIL and SIL.
6. I cheated hubby.'s not what you think. I opened his gift for me when he was out for work. I opened it, a few days before Christmas then I wrapped it back again. Of course I used the same kind of wrapper so he won't have any idea that I opened his gift. And I was smiling when I opened it.

Well, this is how far I can remember 2004. I know there are lots of funny and happy moments that happened to us last year. At this time, this is all I can remember, by next year I know, I can't tell you more for I am having a written journal aside from this blog that I have.

How about you guys, can you still remember what 2004 gave you...