Im a year older today and I'm very thankful to our Lord for giving me another year to enjoy and embrace life. I thank Him for another year of getting older but some says I look younger. I thank Him for all the wonderful blessings I got. God gave me a very loving parents, who nurtured me with love, my friends who are still growing in number and my husband who finally gave me chocolate last night. Oh yeah, another blessing is this job that I got though it really is so demanding.

Speaking of job, our head is so kind enough to allow me to have a birthday leave today. So Im here at home and enjoying the 24 hours of my birthday. I took a leave because, I don't want myself be a worrywart with the humungous work at the office. It's my day and I want to enjoy it. So right now, Im savoring my favorite sandwich and ice tea while listening to some of my mp3 collection. What a nice way to celebrate a birthday, a very simple and relaxing one. Later on, my ever loving sister will prepare my favorite spaghetti and mom will cook dinner for us. Wish hubby will come home much early from work. He mentioned last night that he is obliged to do some extra time for work hay. Oh well, if he can't home much early I might as well ask a dinner date with him on Saturday to pay for being late for dinner on my actual birthday, he he he.

So, as I entered a another year of adulthood, I do wish that life be cool as what I had the past years and encapsulate all the troubles in life.

Happy birhtday Wifeydj!!!