Still on a holiday mode

Im on my 4th day of vacation and it's so heavenly. Been very domesticated these past few days. Doing the laundry or washing the dishes or cleaning the toilet is so relaxing. I've been trying to do some cooking. So this lunchtime, I decided to make a pasta recipe. I'm a pasta lover. I love making pasta with meat sauce or pasta with carbonara or pasta with pesto sauce. This time, I tried preparing pasta with tuna. This is very easy to do dish. No need to check a cookbook for this recipe. So in my little kitchen, I have a pack of penne pasta, I have thyme leaves, oregano and a can of Tuna. So that's it, Im ready to make our lunch.

So what I did, I cooked the pasta first according to package then drain when cooked and set aside.

I grab some garlic and crushed it. Some onions and chopped it. Put some olive oil in the pan. Put in the garlic and onions. Let it brown a bit. Then add the drained tuna. Then sprinkle some salt and pepper and add some oregano. After a few seconds set it aside.

And then, I grab another garlic and crushed it again, I fry it in some olive oil. Brown it and then, I mix the drained penne pasta. Put some thyme leaves and add some pepper. Then mix well in low fire. Add in the tuna mixture. Then drizzle some olive oil and grated cheese. Then that's it. It's done. Very easy and very yummy.

You can add any herbs that you can find in your kitchen. Served it with garlic bread. Yummy

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