A week long of Sweetness

My week long vacation officially started today. Supposedly, my vacation leave should start yesterday but since there are some few more loads to finish, I reschedule my leave to 22,23 & 28. So I'll be coming back to work on Tuesday. A week long vacation here at home, no boss to call you, no meeting to attend, no paperwork to do and NO NO Overtime for a week. This is life.

By the way, let me share you guys what's been seating in my fridge. I have a pack of Oreo, a box of Cream-O and 2 bars of toblerone. All chocolates. As I've said before Im not really into sweets especially chocolates. I love Oreo but I consume a pack of it for a week or two. The Cream-O chocolate-coated cookies are husby favorite, so I bought it last Saturday at the grocery. My Officemate C gave the 2 bars of Toblerone yesterday. Thanks C. It's good thing that my 8-year-old niece is here, I gave the other bar of toblerone. So the big bar is still in my fridge and kind of thinking to share the half of it with my sister. Oh well, that is if she's not dieting.

Anybody here who want a bite of chocolates, here have mine...

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