Techie Love

Blogging indeed is becoming a phenomena. I've seen lots of my ym chatmates who started their own blog at blogger. Now, Im receiving emails informing me that some of my net friends from friendster had created a blog at friendster blog. My sister-in-law is into blogging na rin. Nahawa na rin siguro sa akin at sa ibang friends nya. I'm thinking to create a blog at friendster but on the second thought I really can't afford to have another blog. You see it's hard to update especially when Im busy at work. So this blog for me is enough and Im happy with blogger. Technology really rocks.

Last night, my family, I and Dj attended the wedding of my cousin R. Would you believed that after 3 months of meeting personally they decided to settle. Love really is unexplainable. They first met at the Internet. Yeah you read it right, they are chatmates since September of 2004. My cousin was working abroad and the girl was staying here in the Philippines. Then after some chats and seeing each other through webcam, they fell in love. The very first time they meet personally was last February 2005. It was in March when they planned to get married. After a month of wedding preparation, they exchanged vows last night. Yup, it was a short romance but I can see in their eyes that both of them are in love with one another. I've known another couple who met through the Internet. They are happily married now and have 2 wonderful babies. I do believe that it's not how you meet or how long you known each other that matters, It's how you handle the relationship filled with love, affection and respect. Mushy me...