My work and life

Thursday, I went home late from work. I and hubby just had dinner, watched TV and after a couple of minutes, I went to bed.

Friday, again, I still got to finish some work loads, do some major editing in my project. Went home late but still got the energy to have fun with hubby

Last Saturday, went to work though workdays is from Monday to Friday. Meaning, I rendered overtime. Went home late but manage to accompany hubby at Mandaluyong and delivered a PC to a client.

Sunday...Thank God, thank God. It's Sunday again. No more work, no work, no deadlines, no deadlines...hurray.

Yesterday, my, my it's a holiday but my presence is seen in a working area full of papers and pens, nah not in our house but in the office. Great!

and today, Im a bit tired because of the long working hours that I've done the past days but at least I and my team mates manage to meet the deadlines. Yippee..

Since the preliminary materials have been submitted, Its time for me and the rest of my groupmates to relax. I went home much early. Went at the grocery with hubby. He do wanted us to have coffee at Starbucks Commonwealth but we decided to scheduled it on Friday.

I know my work is demanding and have my hands full but of course I make it a point that I somehow spend quality time with hubby and little time in this little space which I haven't updated for a week now.

Cheers to all those working wives/mothers who manage to have a good working life and a better family life.