The Caring Potion

A worrywart I was a while ago, hubby is kinda sick. His temperature is a bit higher than the normal. I already gave him some medicine. Now he is sleeping. I do check his temperature from time to time to know, if it's becoming normal. Another wifey experience here.

You see, hubby doesn't get sick since we got married. It's always I that get sick and lay in bed for days. It's always I who is weak, who faints, who needs a capsule of more loving when sick. It's always him, who took care of me when Im not in good health. He's my hubby doctor. Now, it's his turn. I'll do the nursing this time. I'm not well verse in taking care of sick people but I have my loving hands to hold him and my caring lip to tell him to get well soon. Hopefully with these and some blanket and medicine, he'll soon be kicking again.