Awww...My left foot hurts. I fell off from bed the time I step my left foot and stand up. Then I lose control of myself. Wrenching motions happen in my left foot. A twisting that made me fell on the floor.

ouch..ouch...are the only words I can say. Good thing hubby was still home. He didn't go to work today. I told him to skipped work to make sure he will be ok na.

Anyway, upon hearing the loud fall, he helped me to get up from the floor. I was laughing while his holding me. I really can't explain why it happened. He said, "your consciousness is still sleeping pa." Maybe It was that time. I was in bed dreaming of something, which I can't hardly remember na, then the clock strikes 6am, my cellphone alarm began to play my waking up tone. It was so loud very loud, which doesn't fail to wake me. I hurriedly stand up step my left foot and then blag!!! I was on the floor na. Then hubby asked what happen and the place was filled with my loud laugh. Funny namn di ba? The only thing is, it still hurt up to this moment though I can still finely walk naman.

Hmmm...since hubby is in great shape now, he has to take care of me naman this weekend. Yebah!

Happy weekend to all!