Iba ito...

We're on our 2nd year and we decided to change the usual "romantic" scenario date. So Dj and I went at Metro Market Market wearing sneakers, shirts and jeans. Carefree and happy, that's what we are that day. No meetings, no deadlines to attend too. Only us to celebrate.

We eat a lot, oh boy, I was so so full. I had a big serving of grilled chicken and buddy's pansit habhab that comes along with spicy vinegar. I asked what the vinegar is for, it's good to eat the pancit daw with vinegar. I haven't tried it kasi the pancit itself is good na. So, I didn't bother putting the vinegar, maybe next time, I'll try that. We even bought a pack of pansit habhab for take out, as pasalubong to my sister and pamangkin. Then, Dj saw this flower shop and asked me if I want roses. I told him, wag na lang. Bili mo na lang ako ng 256MB or 512MB flash drive, he he he.

So after finishing the grilled chicken and the pansit habhab, we went looking for a flash drive. There were so many selections but the design are not what I wanted. simple & a handy one is what i had in mind, which I can use at work and at home. Other designs are colorful kasi though handy. Anyway, we stopped by at an appliance store and found a simple Flash Drive. Then I saw this I-pod that I wanted to have. Hmmm...lemme think, an I-pod or a flash drive. Oh well, since it was the Flash drive that were looking for in the first place, so we bought it. The I-pod, hmmm. Pag balik ko I'll buy you.

We decided to went home at 9:00pm and guess what, It rain again, like what happened 2 years ago on that very same date. Rain falling on our head while we run towards the car. The rain was once a witness on how we sealed our love, now, he was again a witness on how we build a strong pillar in our relationship.