On memory Lane 2 years Ago

Im counting the days, 3 more days and we're on our 2nd year anniversary. Time really flies so fast. Before I was just a simple lady, dreaming of a garden wedding, a good husband where I will make a happy family. All things are falling in the right place.

My first entry in this blog last June was my wedding story. I know some of you haven't seen this, so Im reposting this again to share with you guys.

Its was the 24th of May, my wedding was at around 4:30pm at United Agape Bible Church at Paranaque City. It was my long dream to have such kind of wedding, a Garden Wedding. So I was very thankful that, that day is happening. The only thing was, it was raining. God...Please stop the drizzle,a little prayer that I was saying to HIM. The rain did stopped at around 11:00am. I was posing for my pictorial at my room while I was wearing my simple yet awesome wedding gown. I didn't choose any hotel for my wedding preparation because, my parents do wanted me to spend my remaining singlehood in my own room. By the way, I was living at Diliman, Q.C, and my wedding was at Paranaque. Why did we choose Paranaque as our wedding venue. Simply because, UABF is where we go to church together aside from that, it's a nice and beautiful place and the residing Pastor is Dante's Brother-in-law. So at around 3:00pm.Off we go to the church.... Again it rain hard...harder than the rain in the morning. I really wanted to cry but I've learned from fellow wawies that whatever glitches happen during the wedding, don't let it ruin your special day and that's what I did. I smile and didn't mind it. It wasn't traffic going to paranaque. Hmmm....I guess its God's wedding gift for us. It is usually traffic when we travel the south.

At 4:15pm, Im at the church. wow, the church was even prettier than I think...I saw my groom, my handsome groom. Many people are waving inside my bridal car. Looking at me and smiling. I smile back but the car windows are tinted so they can't see me at all.

The time has come...and this is it. My father opened the car door and held my hand. I gave him a hug and I felt that my tears are bit-by-bit falling. I slowly walked down the aisle with my parents and at the other end is my groom. YES...Were getting married. Dj took my fathers hand and made mano to him , likewise to my mom. We then headed infront and the ceremony started. The ceremony was a little bit long...It was a Christian wedding. And most Christian weddings have long ceremony. But it was a solemn ceremony just what I wanted. Then Pastor A. Said, "You may kiss your new bride." Ha ha ha, natawa ko dito. I asked Dj "why new, meron ka bang luma." He just smiled "ikaw lang po!" Then we both kiss that sealed our union and a tight hug that is more meaningful. Anyway, the ceremony finished at around 7:00pm. By the way we started late, the other pastor (which is my uncle) who will be giving the word of God was late. And we have to wait for him. Oh well, at least he came :)

At the reception, this was the part, which is very memorable for me. At the mid part of the reception, where everyone was eating a sumptuous dinner, it rained :( So we didn't have a bouquet toss or the garter toss. I was a little upset but still the very famous word "don't let glitches drift you", so I didn't...I still smile, smile, and smile. After the reception everyone was saying that its a blessing for me and Dante, and that they had a great time. The party ended at around 10:30pm. After the wedding, the very next day, we went to Baguio for our 4-day vacation...and the rest was history.

After 2 years, the marriage is more fruitful and more exciting. I still don't know what tomorrow is for us but there's one thing I and Dj is sure of, we will be happy together forever.