Tales of A great mother...

Tribute to moms... the week topic at Wifespeaks. I have copied paste my entry there and wanted to have the same entry word for word. For a reason that each word comes from my heart. While I was typing this at WS, my heart was burning with love and affection which I sometime forgot to show to this wonderful lady that brought me to this world. My nanay.

Just read on...

I call her nanay. She's in her early 60s right now. But I find her looking young. Maybe because she loves to smile, to laugh and to be happy at all times. She has few white strands of hair on her head, showing that it's not easy to raise us three. My nanay, my ever dear nanay, the woman that taught me how to live life and makes the most of it. The only person who was there when I was hurting as a teenager. The person that I first told that I'm not a kid anymore, the one who taught me how to act like a lady though she knows Im more of the boyish side during those times.

I admire her beautiful eyes and her winsome smile. No wonder my father left her girlfriend before just to be with my mother. And oh, father said that It's her cooking that hits him. I could hardly agree to that too. Nanay is a great cook indeed. She taught me how to move in the kitchen. Basically, she's my one great mentor in cooking.

When I was single, I am hard headed sometimes but she never gets tired of advising me how to handle life. I may be mean and wild but her patience was her instrument to tame me. The pessimistic that I was before, was transfigured to a well-minded being. And I thank my nanay for doing all those great things to me.

Now that Im married, she's not only a mother but also an amiga. Were like two equally aged people discussing married life, our husband and my wants of having a big family. of course her motherly advice would always be there. Im in my 2nd year of successful marriage, I ought a part of it to my mother.

Lastly, to my mom who's always been there, I love you and I'm thankful of having you as a nanay. I don't know what will I be without you.

Happy Mother's Day po.