A not so secret in Life

Life...Though full of trials is still beautiful, is still great. With those trials that each of us encounter make us a better person. Sometimes, we get hurt and shed tears. But will all those hurting and tears, we become stronger. Sometimes, we fall in love but failed to make the relation flourish. With those failures, we learned what real love is all about.

There are lots of things that we should be thankful of, not only with the good things that is happening in our everyday lives but also in all aspects. Failures do come but by looking at the brighter side, we can see hope and deliverance. We should be thankful of that.

I know as human beings, it's hard for us to be happy when were sad, or be good when annoyed. It's ok for us to frown, to cry, and to be sad. Were just human. But again if all this happened don't ever forget to look and see the ray of light and you'll see, you'll be fine.