Watta weekend

DJ and I watched the fantastic four over the weekend at Gateway. We chose the 10:30pm time schedule. The ticket lady told us that the 10:30 sched was a free seating, we expected that we can choose seats for best viewing. Oh well, I still bought 2 tickets. It was still early so we went at fully book muna to check out any good books. At 10:00pm, we went back at the cinema area and we were surprise to see the long line where the Fantastic four is showing. So we hurriedly fall in line too, good thing they already allowed people to get in though it was 30 minutes early. So we didn't wait that long. We manage to find 2 good seats. Well, the movie was fun though I was expecting more heroic stuff. But I enjoyed it.

After the movie, hubby got hungry, so we went at Jollibee Philcoa. After parking the car, there were these kids who run towards me and sell those sampaguita, then a kid was asking naman money. I'd rather give food than money, I thought I'll give something later na lang after eating. I walked and they keep on following me and holding my shirt that left a dirty stain so hubby told the kids to stop. Then this 4-5 year old kid who asked money early shouted and said "ayaw mo...P*****I**A mo, then step on my left foot and run away. I was really shocked. I wanted to run after him to get even but of course I didn't. So upon entering the fast food, I told the guard to get rid of that kid and hang him upside down, he he he. After our midnight snack, we went back at the parking area and there were no kids anymore. Perhaps, they went selling at the other side of the parking area. And I was right, they were there. I felt bad. Where are the freaking parents of these kids. All of them age from 3-7 years old. By this time this youngster should be soundly sleeping but they are still here at the streets doing anything to have money. I have to admit, though I was kinda annoyed for what that kid did, I pity him, I pity them. We'll I don't want to ruin our date, so I forget all about it. But surely I'll be back in that parking area...nope I won't still give money, but I'll bring a cracker or a bread to give them so that darn kid won't step on my newly polished shoes again, he he he :D