Hope for the best

If you have been wondering what did happen with my resignation. My boss and I had this talked the very same day I tendered my resignation. He asked me why. There were no signs that I'm planning to resign as he mentioned. He even asked if I were going somewhere else or will I work abroad. I told him that Im not going anywhere. I'll just stay home and have this little business that H and I had been planning since last year. Aside from that I do wanted to take a break from the longest time I've been working. After hearing my side, boss suggested that I should take a 1-month vacation leave. He said that, I am just stress-out from work and do need a break. And he even mentioned that not all resigning employees are given such option. He just let them go and leave the office. Still I insisted my resignation. So he read again my letter and insisted more the vacation leave. He then wrote "leave for 1 month" on the paper and said, " sige na, mag leave ka muna, then after a month pag ayaw mo na talaga, hindi na kita pipigilan." I felt that I was that important in this office.

So after our talk, I agreed and wrote a request for a month vacation and boss signed for approval. Then people from other departments were asking if it's true that Im leaving and some even asked why. It was funny because, they suggested the same thing as what boss has in mind. Then a co-department of mine suggested this " Jen, wag ka na muna resign. Please." My heart was touched. It's hard when you really spend most of your time at work, you'll surely miss the people and the environment when it's time to leave and move on. But again Im positive about this. If ever my mind wont change after the vacation leave (at this time, I know I wont) I'll go with my resignation. After all, it's the work that Im leaving and not the friends I made.

So now, Im counting the days, 13 more and I'll be on leave. Im excited.