Whats in my Mind lately

Dj and I was out the whole day. He skipped work and decided to come with me at mandaluyong to do things that I was assigned by him to accomplish before I went back to the office on the 16th. This month long vacation is heaven for me. Imagine, I can spend more time with hubby, I can blog more, cook more and learn more dishes and I can make my self relax without any work to worry. But on the other hand, I miss work, miss my officemates, and believe it, I miss the pressure a bit.


My guy officemate who's working at Dubai for a month already texted me this morning. This person is a very dear friend. He spends 3 working years with the company. We really went along together as a working team and he was like a younger brother to me. I was there when he was crying about his break up with his girl but Im glad they we're back in each other's arm and happily married with a cute son. I know sometimes, he can be mean to some workmate but not to me, I'm his ate kasi. I'"m missing this brutal guy already.


Last Friday, since Dj and I don't have anything to do, we went to R's (my officemate) birthday party. Oh boy...the food was really yummy. I love C's kare kare. We took pictures (sorry can't post it I promise them kasi) and we sang. I tried singing my favorite songs from Nina, MYMP and Kitchie Nadal. Then another officemate commented, "na-miss ka namin, 2 weeks na lang ha at bumalik ka na." Hay...I have to admit na miss ko din sila but my decision is final na. I will be back to submit my resignation, work for a month (an office rule for leaving employees) then that's it I'll be officially out of the work force. There's no more turning back, my husband and I made plans and accomplished some of it already so definitely no one can stop me from leaving. Anyway, I don’t want the others to be sad so I changed the topic at once and besides I dont want to talked about it anymore. I was there to enjoy and be with my closest friends :D


As I've said, Dj and I were doing things in preparation for our little business and I thank God, that everything is falling into places though there are some teeny weeny problems that we have to fix. Thank goodness for his mom and my parents who are very supportive. It's too cool to have such parents as like them, right? :D