Silip lang po

busy…busy..busy….hay Ilang weeks na rin na I haven’t updated my blog. Please forgive me. Im so busy with work talaga. For this month, I earned 99 hours of overtime…grabeh….tao pa ba ko…hehehe. It was so damn tiring but I gained the trust of my Japanese bosses. This morning my GM jap called me and he asked if Im interested in doing Xsteel works. Wow…another skill I’ll be developing here. Im so excited with this new assignment. Anyway, in my 5 months of stay at this firm, I can say that I’ve learned a lot already and wanting to learn more. Im very thankful that I have chosen the right decision to accept this work. D hmmm….nagiging career oriented na ata ako, hehe. Actually, nag e-enjoy lang ako sa work. Iba kasi ito compared sa old work ko. In here, I can freely share my thoughts and idea. We don’t just draw here, we study a lot of info sheets or loading data. Mahirap oo, lalo na kung hindi mo ginagawa before. As I’ve told noon, my previous work was my comfort zone and this new job is my battlefield. (Exag noh) But now, I realize na hindi pala battlefield…but a place where I can find comfort. Comfort kasi I’m enjoying what Im doing…IM happy here and I do love the people around me…kahit na me mga issues about this and that…but who cares…basta ko masaya ako period. Maalala ko lang..I’m missing my home cooking..kelan kaya ulit ako makakapag prepare ng real good dish D So how was your day?