Went blog hoppin’ and read cyn lastest post. Well, it’s her last day na sa work. I remember my last day too. Then I became emotional. Kasi na-miss ko yung mga old friends ko sa ESCA. Lalo pa kong naging emotional when I read myold entry. It’s true that I gain new friends here in my new work but still those people I spend for 5 years (sa ESCA)are the one who really show me what true friendship is all about. So mare sana matuloy na ang aking coffee date this month. D Anyway, in my last entry I mentioned na I earned a 99 hours of OT. First time in my working life ha. So I treated myself para naman ma feel ko yung hard work na ginawa ko. I went shopping. Below are few of the things I bought sa mall D sapatos at kolorete Sapatos at kolorete Cute noh. Ah gotta go now at maaga pa ko for work D