Ang tagal na pla since ako nag update. Very sorry po. Ive been through a lot lately. Been to a very troublesome times this fast few months. Well its not my marriage ha you might ask...We are still going very strong. Its my work. Medyo naka encounter ng mga hindi kaaya ayang tao. Medyo naging matindi nga mga hurt lalo na this week pero I think things will be over soon. I just need to be strong. Ive been absent sa office for a day na and Im planning to skip work tomorrow too. Pag medyo hindi pa rin maganda ang aura para sa akin. I really need sufficient rest para ma regain ko ang love ko sa work. Hey..lapit na Christmas, I have to be happy na. Buti na lang hubs is always there to make me feel safe and happy. Thanks for that labs and I love you!