Birthday ng Labs ko

Last January 4 was the birthday of my ever loving hubz. We celebrated it in a simple way. At exactly 12am, I gave him my gift a bottle of body oil. Simple noh. I gave him that kasi I use it and gave him a full body massage as a gift. He found it vey special kasi I never gave him a message na ganun katagal, kakapagod kasi eh pero that time, I was so excited while I was massaging him...then I whisper a happy birthday. Then that morning when he wake up, he found a brown teddy next to his laptop. The teddy has this pin na me message na happy birthday. Kunyaring sleeping pa ko pero I saw him smiling while holding the teddy I gave. He kissed me and went to work. Pero ok lang he promised to be home early to celebrate his birthday for dinner. Hmmm....after a few minutes he texted me saying thanks for the loving messgae and for the cute teddy, he said na I really made his birthday so sweet. Thanks labs for loving those simple things I made for your birthday. Happy Birthday and more loving birthday to come...lab yah :) p.s: salamat pala sa lahat ng nag text sa hubs ko ng birthday greeting, well appreciated nya po yun..thanks ulit ;)