My weight shedding kwento

I have posted before na I shed 30 plus pounds and many are asking how did it happen. One person nga asked if I had a problem kaya bilis ko mag lose ng weight. (mabilis ba ang 1 year hehehe). So to those who keep on asking me how I did it, its like this lang po: 1. I go to the gym 3x a week for 6-7 months. I have a one year membership pero for my 8-12 month medyo dumalang na ang gym visit ko but I make it a point na I do cardiovascular exercise sa house at least 2-3 times a week. 2. I watch what I eat until now. I dont drink softdrinks only fruit juices (unsweetend ha) and lots of water and non fat milk. Im a coffee drinker and I so love starbucks caffe if I order that, it would be a tall decaf, non-whip, non fat milk caffe mocha. I dont eat chicken skin or the the yolk of and egg, in case of scrambled egg, hmmm....I eat a small portion lang. I eat less of fried food. No to burgers and fries. Mas healthy and steamed foods. I dont eat ice cream or chocolates, hindi rin kasi ako mahilig. Im into baking na naman ulit. This New year nga I tried baking cupcakes, ofcourse tumikim ako pero again small amount lang. Hirap yata tumaba. Sa rice naman, I only have half serving for lunch and dinner, for breakfast naman, 2 slices of buttered whole wheat bread. Friends said Im health conscious raw, pag nasa grocery nga I read the labels to know the nutrional info ng mga foods na I bought. I guess ganun nga. I did lose weight not because I want to but because Im not getting any younger and getting old big isnt really health di ba :) Now...Im 30 pounds lighter and Im happy with my weight now. I promised na I will keep myself healthy and fit. Hubs too is inspired with what happen so Im helping him out to shed extra pounds. Below are my pics...hehehe... Me a year agoThis is me nowme at country style sm