Coffee Please

Who wants coffee raise your hand... if anyone would question that, I will absolutely raise my hand. Yup I am a coffeeholic. I so love coffee that I could not stand the day without sipping a hot cup of brewed coffee. Yes I do love starbucks too, I usually have caffe mocha but I got fed up with it's sweetness. Early last year, I tried the brewed coffee of country style. I so love their blend. Mild but bold. A sip of their steaming hot coffee makes me merry. Usually what I do, after work, I visit their coffee shop at cubao (buti near our office) and order for a tuna sandwich which I find it so yummy yet healthy (if you love sandwich you'll love this)or the tiger paw donut(sorry no pics, naubos ko eh)'s called that way because it shape like tiger paw (gets nyo, hehehe). Also I love hanging out there because the service crews are really nice and friendly. In fact, on my birthday last month, one crew gave me a box of 12 of tiger paw and apple fritter (another favorite). Touch ako as in. Super sweet naman nila. :) Kaso...since I am so busy with work and I go to the gym 3x a week, hindi ko masingit sa sched ko ang pag visit sa CS. Miss ko na ang kape nila :( Coffee please!!! Coffee club card I took a picture one evening while waiting for hubby. We usually meet there after office. The top pic is my cup while I finish eating my tiger paw, then my coffee club card (bottom pic). I always have a free cup or a regular donut when ever I complete one row. I have 4 cards already since I always forgot to bring it with me.