Wish ko lang

Went out with my 2 girlfriends slash officemate slash gym buddies for a movie date. You know what we watched....sam milby's movie, My Big Love. It's a cute movie. Very light ang story. Nakaka relax since we're so tired from work. All I did while watching the movie was laugh and laugh though at the end part medyo teary ang scene but happy ending pa rin naman. I thought we'll be doing overtime again. It's good that we didn't and instead of going to the gym, we opted to go to gateway and watched the movie na lang. But before that, we have a serving of the delicious razon halo halo and siomai from dimsun and dumpling. Perfect combination talaga for us halo halo and siomai, hehehe. No calorie computing muna for us. We just wanted to relax and be happy muna. No work related conversation muna. Full fun and chatting is what we did. So heto went home late again and when I get home, hubs said ang tagal ko umuwi and he misses me na, wow sweetness talaga ni hubz. :)