Am I confusing you?

I am referring with my blogger template. Yes I changed again for the 2nd time for this month. The last template I used was confusing, the HTML thing. So I decided to look for a much simpler one. Hope this one fits my blogger template requirement. Keeping my finger cross. :)

It's 3:00am here. I will finish the updating later on. For the meantime, I have to hit the sack. See yah later :)


bem said...

hmmmn... yummy template! i also like using final sense' templates.

have a nice weekend!

Sinta said...

The template features chocolate. Chocolate! You can't go wrong! I do like the template :) Very neat.

Btw, tagged you:

:) Hope you're having a good weekend.

Rico said...

Change is good, esp if it's for the better. It's so hard picking the right template. I think I changed my template dozens of times before I finally settled with the one I'm currently using.