Bucket LIst Meme

My bucket list:

Write a list of 8 things you would like to do or accomplish before you die.
1. Travel outside the country with hubz
2. Be a mother soon
3. Own a business, say a bakeshop or something to do with designing
4. Own a house with lots of greenery. I wanted to own a farm too
5. Get back to school to study fine arts or music or both.
7. Ride a rollercoaster with my eyes wide open.
8. Learn how to drive a car, a bike.

Thanks to Sinta for this tag.

Now, I am tagging Rico, Bem and Blue Rose.


I have a terrible headache right now. So I have to go to bed a little bit early (early??? it's 11:30pm). I think this is due to the late sleeping habit I have lately. Okay...I'll see you all tomorrow.

Bye for now!

Have a splendid weekend to all


Sinta said...

Thanks for doing the Tag! Hope you feel better soon :)

kg said...

Iive done something like this on my blog already...although some of the things I wrote were mababaw (but I still want to do them). There are many things I want to do before I die. When I was a teenager, my bucket list had 100 items! Hope to do them all! :)

Blue Rose said...

i'm done with my bucket list jeanny. i posted it in my blog. thank you so much for passing the tag.

take care always!