Books and More

I love reading.

Anything... newspaper specially the classified ads hahaha. magazines too, fashion and home magazines are what I usually buy. and most of all, I love reading books. This is what I collect. Books, books, books.

My relationship with books started when I was in high school, my aunts love mills & boon. I remember reading them and got hooked. From there, I started reading more and more.

Here are some of the books I have:

Did I told you guys I joined the Jane Austen book club that I mentioned here, I'll be starting Persuasion as the read of the month. I'm too excited to start. :)

Anyway....the books, I covered them with plastic and use a bookmark for protection. I hate it to find any folds or flaws, so when someone borrows it I always remind them the golden take good care of them but somebody did forgot my words... Learn from experience I guess. Learned that not all can borrow unless otherwise trusted. :) do you feel about this if somebody did the same thing? What will you do with the person? Would you trust that person again? Just wanted to know?

Have a great day!


Gracie said...

I was addicted to the Shopaholic series! I read all of Sophie Kinsella's books, now I'm waiting for her next one.

caryn said...

i know what you mean sis, i test people first by lending them one book, if they take good care of them, then i lend them more. i'm sooo possessive of my books, they're like my babies.

Jeanny said...

@ gracie: I luv shapaholic serioes too. Dami na nga hindi ko pa nabibili yung iba :)

@ Caryn: Hmmm...I might try that. Thanks for the advice sis

Rachel said...

ako din same tayo ate kung paano natin alagaan ang mga books do you have ba the 5 people you meet in heaven na ba? i have it it's good like mo kahit ibigay ko na lang sa yo just give me ur address. bagong bago pa un dahil nga iniingatan ko din ;p

Toni said...

Naku you're going to love that Undomestic Goddess. ;) It's a lovely, easy read.

princess_dyanie said...

I love Paulo Coelho's books! Weee! I'd love to read "Veronika decides to die" too kaso wala pa ko pera hehehe :P

I just remembered a friend who borrowed my Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Grabe years na yun sa kanya and until now, di pa rin sinosoli.. grrr.. napabili tuloy ako ng bago..