Coffee Anyone

I am a coffee lover. Having coffee gives me the relaxation I need while I sit and read my favorite book. The only thing I hate, is brewing extra cups that I cannot consume in one sitting. In the end, the extra coffee goes to waste. You see, making a single cup is not that easy, the ideal measure of the coffee grind depends on its variety. So based on my experience when brewing, I always end up having an extra cup in my pot and a messy kitchen.

Good thing my friend from the US went home with this marvelous Keurig K-Cup coffee. Keurig K-cup coffee allows us to brew a single cup of coffee with the ideal measure of grind coffee of the variety that we choose. Keurig K-Cup coffee is distributed online by AlpineValleyCoffee . Alpine offer a great deal on K-cups on all its major brands such as Timothy’s Coffee, Emeril’s Coffee and Gloria Jeans and others. They also have great discounts to those who will buy 8 or more 22 count packs or more. It made me drool. On my friend's next visit, I’ll ask her to bring home more for me.

If you’re a coffee lover like me, go check their site, who knows you might want to order online.


kg said...

I don't drink coffee....but I wish I do because I love its aroma! :)

alpha said...

jeanny, tag