Hot Shoes!

I badly need to look for good work-out shoes. My last pair bid its goodbye the other day. So I was not able to go the gym this afternoon. Bummer! Went to the mall to look for quality but of a fair price but I was not that lucky to find any. It is so expensive.

So I did some canvassing online, hoping that I could find any great pair. Now a day, it is easier to shop online. So I surf the net for good finds. Upon surfing, I found a good site for my shoe shopping, the SHOEBACCA. Their shoe store online is quite easy to navigate and very customer friendly. They also have a wide variety of brand, style that caters everything you could ask for.

One more thing good about their site, is that the shoes they have are of good quality and the prices are so affordable. Shoebacca bridge the gap between classy and inexpensive.

Oh dear,this is fun, browsing their site, I found many cheap shoes. This discounted adidas shoes will surely fit me. Check their site, who knows, you might find for one.


T☺nI said...

thanks sis for this site ..i am also looking for a pair of shoes... ☺ hope i could get one to use on my duty

kg said...

I have to look at this site. I have to find the perfect shoes for my vacation...which will involve a lot of walking! :)