My Victory Hair

My husband was captured with that smile. Aside from that he has been telling me that I have a nice straight hair. He would always love every hairstyle I have, thus making him giddy to see me every time I changed the color & my hairstyle. That’s my way if flirting with my husband. That's what I called my Victory Hair.

Anyway, there’s an online game that can test you flirting prowess. Have you ever tried playing the Ultimate Flirting Championship sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5 ? It's a very fun game to deal! Try measure your flirting ability by dropping off your ever sexy and bold lines and be the winner!

Grab the widget and place it on your blog or site so friends can see it and let them play too.

When you play the game, you can create your own character; pick your own face that will compliment the hairstyle you’ll select. Be confident enough with your personality. Then be at the waiting room and it wont being that long, some other players who joins will play along with you. Then that’s it, the game will run. You will be ask questions and type in your ever fearless answers; out witting your opponent will make you the winner of the flirting challenge.

That would be exciting isn’t?

So click that widget and experience it!

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