Egg Story 2

I did asked this before, I'll asked this once more... How would your like your eggs?

if it's like this....

Double Yolk Eggs

I found this odd eggs at the supermarket for 45php (half dozen). When hubz cooked it, I was a bit hesitant to eat it, was thinking that the oddity will somehow affect it's natural taste as like the Vitamin Enriched eggs we bought a month ago.

But when I tasted it, it wasn't bad after all, it tastes the same. I was thinking of buying this kind when making leche flan :)

You might did the double yolker happens, You can grab the asnwer here.

So would you want to try them :)

P.S not a paid ad:)


kg said...

How do produce egg like these? Are these GMOs? :)

I'd like to try one...

sheng said...

Hahaha, genetically modified eggs? Grabe naman, akala ko sa palay lang yun?

Nice header Jeanny! I love it!

Rico said...

Weird! Two egg yolks in one egg huh? Did I mention that it's weird? Weird!

liza said...

i like mine sunny side up! mukhang ok to ah 2 yolks ;)

wendy said...

hello =)

i like my eggs sunny side up with the yolk not hard. leche flan? yummmmy!!

frugalfergie said...

Er, those are weird. How do they get them like that? it seems so unnatural, I don't think I could eat them. It looks like you cooked them nicely though. :)