Manic Monday

So weekend is over its a Monday midnight and in a few hours I'll be off to work. Argh!!!!

I really hate Mondays or should I say, I hate going to work hahaha, my bad!

Work is becoming boring. Now that two of my friends already resigned, it made it more & more boring. What is worse, I am left alone in the designing team, I have to work double time for the meantime since they have not hired a replacement yet (do they have plans???). I wish I could just stay home and do other things such as bake goodies or do other side jobs. Oh well I have to be positive! I should be.

I am always thinking of these reasons whenever skipping work is becoming an option during Monday morning.....

1. I cannot afford to skip work on Mondays because it will make me more indolent for the rest of the week...hahahaha

2. the 15th and 30th is payday! nuninuninu!

3. days are fast coming, I'll never notice it's Friday already. yebah!

4. After work, hubz and I meet at this coffe shop near our office and we head home together. :)

5. Since we do not eat breakfast together during work days, Saturday & Sunday Breakfast are special to us!

6. Saturdays & Sundays are bonding moments for us!

These are enough reasons for me to get up from bed and hit the shower!

Despte of hating my work, I am learning to like it though hahaha!

So are you giddy for work this week! :)