6 Random Things that make me happy Tag

Tag by the crafty Sinta, actually there are many things that made me happy but the tag asked for six so here goes. My husband. He is so cool, so loving and so patient. I am so lucky to have him. I guess if I married somebody else, I might be separated by now, hahaha!!!

My family. I got a perfect family,though my brother sometime thinks of out of this world idea, my sister is sometime hassling, mom is such a nagger and my father is therefore strict, I must say, they make me happy. If they aren't like that I think my life would be so dull. ;)

Work. however I have a love hate relationship with work, I discovered how to love it.

Friends. friends are all crazy so what would you expect. hahahaha

A good breakfast . As I have always telling, I love sandwhich and coffee. These two are my favorite breakfast.

Sufficient sleep. Lately I've assimilate that having enough sleep is the ultimate way of having a good aura for the rest of the day.

So now, I am tagging Bem, Wits, Kumareng Grace, Rico, Javaqueen & Blue Rose