Another exciting award

yehey I got an award from Grace. Thank you very much dear.

Premio Dardos Award

Premio Dardos means “prize darts” in Italian. This award is given to bloggers, in recognition of their cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writings.

Naks I have those ba hahaha!!! Now I am tagging creative people such as:

Mai. Because she is so creative in her passion, cooking. Also she has this writing style that is so inviting. That's why I keep coming back at her blog.

Grace. Another crafty blogger I knew. She makes great jewelries and unique style.

Sinta. This girl, the uber crafty I knew online. She knits, she bakes, she paints, she love reading books...whatelse?

J.Ana. The girl with a unique name. She bakes too. You have to see her vampie. It looks so good (and I knew it taste good too) aside from that she loves fabrics too.

Odette. Of course I won’t forget her. She is the first crafty person I knew at the blogosphere. I frequent her lovely notecards. She also has this passion for sewing and she's started knitting. As a proof she just finishes an awesome scarf. :)

Caryn. The person behind creative swap group. So you could just imagine how creative this person is.

Sheng and his husband. Sheng is an awesome writer. I love it when she wrote about her ethnical and cultural experiences. His husband is an awesome photographer. I wish to meet this couple soon.

Javaqueen. You have to see her blog. She is one strong person I knew at the blogosphere. She has so many stories to tell. A great mom, a loving wife and a funny friend, all wrap into one. Oh she knits too. :)

Bem. A crafty mom for her kids. I love it when she do projects to keep her kids busy hahaha. She crochet too. :)

See I got lots of great online friends. I am so glad I found them :)