Tofu and Pork (Tokwa't Baboy)

Tokwa't Baboy
Whenever I visit my kapampangan officemate slash kumare at San Fernando, she would always prepare this dish. She knew how I love tofu (tokwa) . This dish is a bit different from the usual tokwa't baboy because it uses calamasi juice instead of vinegar.
My husband love it too. So this evening he requested it for dinner.
Now let me share how to prepare this very simple dish.

You'll need:
400 g. pork (kasim) fried and cut into bite size pieces
1 big tofu, fried, toast it and cut into pieces
2 onion chopped
half cup soysauce
calamasi juice (from 10 calamasi pieces)
chili pepper

Combine the soysauce, calamsi juice, chopped onions and chili pepper. I add more chili pepper since I want it spicy. :)
In a large bowl, toss together the pork and tokwa cubes. Pour in the soysauce mixture over the pork and tokwa.
Serve and enjoy!